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conversation with a customer

March 17, 2009

i worked my second to last shift today at bn.  sometimes customers can be the worst part of the day.  anyone who has worked in retail knows exactly what i’m talking about.  i don’t need a lecture about how the customers are the reason i’m there in the first place, or anything similar.  i am well aware that without customers retailers have no job.  i’m not talking about all customers, but every retailers knows what it’s like to have that one person who comes in, has had a bad day (or life), and decides that it’s his purpose in life to ruin the day of those he comes into contact with.

normally for every jerk like that there is the customer who catches you off guard and instead of being the customer mentioned above, they become the highlight of your day.  i had one of these today.  our conversation follows.

brad:  thank you for calling barnes and noble.  this is brad.  how can i help you?

older woman:  i’m looking for two books.  the first is “self improvement title a” and the second is “self improvement title b.”

brad:  it looks like i would have to order the second title, but the first title may be on hand.  let me put you on hold real quick and i’ll walk over to verify.

brad:  thanks for holding, i do have tha…

older woman:  no, thank YOU for picking up.  that music was horrible!

brad:  i’m sorry.  you didn’t like the music that was playing while you were on hold?

older woman:  no.  [with a hint of a smile in her voice] i didn’t like it, but i don’t like anything.  that’s why i need these books!

good times.


holidays + retail = suck!

December 5, 2007

the title pretty much says exactly what i’m thinking.  i hate the holidays.  it’s so hard getting people to work.  it’s so hard to convince some people that when you work in retail, you can’t just up and leave for a week around christmas.  you can’t!  this is what we call the busiest time of year.  you can’t just leave and come back later.  sorry if you wanted to do something with you family out of town, but you made your decision when you accepted a position here.  i did.  i knew when i took my position that i wouldn’t have full control over how long i could spend with my family.  that’s just the way it is.  if you want to have 10 days off in a row with your fam, then get a job at a bank!