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the worthless bastard award

March 15, 2009

my freshman year of college we (somewhat lovingly) gave out the worthless bastard of the week award. this award was normally given to one of the guys on the floor when they did something stupid. it was done out of fun and everyone who received it took it in stride.

a showed me an article this afternoon that has prompted me to break out the award again. this time it’s not given in jest. it’s not funny. it’s not awarded lovingly. i am awarding this again because the recipient is, as proven by their actions this week, a worthless bastard.

and the award goes to [insert drum roll here]

…edward m. liddy, the government-appointed chairman of aig. this week aig revealed that they were contractually obligated to pay out $165 million in bonuses to executives within the company even thought they had to accept $170 billion from you and i just to stay afloat.  i know i’m not the only person who is incensed by this.  according to the nyt article, the agreements for the bonuses were agreed upon before all the poo hit the fan and that lawyers have looked at it and said that the company must pay out.  many average joe’s (not joe the plumber) are having their pay frozen or losing their jobs completely, but these bums who almost ran the company into the ground and helped cause this wonderful recession are raking in the cash that you and i paid for.

really, this isn’t all mr liddy’s fault.  there are so many more who he can accept this award on the behalf of, but as the head of the company, everything that happens under his watch is his responsibility.

congratulations mr. edward m. liddy.  you are this week’s worthless bastard.


everybody wants my money

December 1, 2007

the fraternal order of police, school bands, universities, christmas charities, my local church, my general church, retailers, wholesalers, the government, boy scouts, girl scouts, students going on mission trips, students going on educational trips, doctors, insurance companies, banks, wives.

i wish i had more money to give to some of these. others, i wish they would crawl up a hole and… the weirdest part is that some of those who need the money the most, who could theoretically do the most good, you just know that they will squander it most. i’m not going to evaluate these according to worthiness. i’m sure you can do that for yourself. i just notice more this time of year and i thought i would comment.


stupid, rich alumni and their buddies in administration and on the board

November 5, 2007

why do the people who have all the money to donate to schools, donate their money towards one specific thing that usually isn’t needed.

ash and i had homecoming this weekend at oli-tech. it was our five year reunion. at the reunion they had a alumni rep come in and tell us all of the “wonderful” things that oli-tech is doing. their big thing right now is the centennial chapel. this thing is going to cost over $25 million dollars (yes i said it while putting my little finger up to the corner of my mouth)! once built, this chapel will house the twice weekly chapels that every student is required to attend. the facility that now houses the chapel services is way too small for the number of attending students. i agree that they need to do something about the chapel situation, but there are more pressing needs.

for example, every year for the last eleven years oli-tech has ushered in a record enrollment for freshmen and overall enrollment. one might say, “that’s great.” however, they have yet to add a dorm. what they have done instead is buy out local apartment complexes and evict their tenants to be replaced with honor students. fine. problem is that they still don’t have enough room for all the on campus students. they are putting as many as four students in one dorm room and as many as five or six in some of the off campus apartments. the administration and the stupid, rich alumni think that it is more important to have a lavish chapel with a $6 million custom made organ imported from italy than it is to house their freshman comfortably. they use an organ in chapel maybe five time a year. the organ is for old alumni, but old alumni don’t go to chapel. students do.

someday i’m going to be rich. i will call olivet and tell them that i will give them $16 million if they plate the smokestack in 24 karat gold. they won’t care if that is needed. they won’t tell me that the university and the student body would benefit more from a new dining hall, classrooms, education and living technology, air conditioning for the freshman, or anything else.

in summation, if the administration and board of trustees (i’ll go at them on another posting) truly cared about more than numbers, they would have the nerve to tell the stupid, rich alumni what their large donations should go rather than funneling it away from where it is needed most.

i hope to be a smart, rich alumni. until then, i’m content to be a smart, poor alumni.