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i’m a rock star!

January 13, 2009

little girl zurcher was eating lunch.  i had already finished so i was doing some dishes while waiting for the slowest eating three year old in the world to finish her food.  i’m putting a dish in the dishwasher and she says, “dad look!  i’m a rock star!”  as she says this she is doing her best air guitar.

it was one of those moments in a parent’s life where you wish you could keep a video camera trained on her 100% of her life just so that you can catch these things.  not only was it funny, but there was no music on and we haven’t played rock band in a long time.  where she came up with it i have no idea.

every day i love this girl more and more.


just the two of us

December 1, 2008

[this was supposed to be published on september 10th.  for some reason i didn’t get it posted.  i figure since i went to the trouble to write it, i might as well post it, right?]

sunday (september 7th) i took little girl zurcher to a cubs game for her birthday.  granted her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but i wanted to be able to take her to great american ballpark in cincy instead of wrigley.  don’t get me wrong.  there is nothing like seeing a game at wrigley, but when it is just myself and a three year old, i didn’t want to have to explain beer and beligerence just yet.  as it was we had one drunk behind us who had a problem pronouncing kosuke fukudome‘s last name.  fortunately addison didn’t pay any attention.

we had so much fun.  at first she was tentative as always around people she doesn’t know, but as the game progressed she became more and more vocal.  this was not her first game, but it was the first game where she was old enough to begin to understand what was going on and will remember it.


  • after the second inning they put us on the jumbotron.  i just happened to look up and there we were.  little girl zurcher was sitting on my lap, staring at the big screen, with absolutely no emotion on her face.  she just didn’t realize what was happening.
  • she loved the 7th inning stretch.  when we sang, “root root root for the…” she screamed “CUBBIES!”
  • between the eigth and ninth innings she tried to start the “let’s go cubbies” chant.  the best part is that i didn’t teach her that.  she heard it during the game and tried to start it on her own.  my heart is so proud.  not to brag, but i’m such a great father.

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i’m a jerk

July 29, 2008

as a parent do you ever accidentally set your kids up for major disappointment?  and then feel like a tool?  little girl zurcher, age 2, has been asking me for weeks to take her to a cubs game (how to brainwash children will be saved for a future post).  i’ve been telling her that i will take her, but have put off actually buying tickets.  yesterday i decided that i should actually buy the tickets before it’s too late.

i purchased two tickets for the cubs vs. the reds in cincy on september 7th.  it is an afternoon game and after the game kids get to run the bases.  also, it’s not long after her birthday so i can say it’s a birthday present.  so i’m pretty excited about it and when i go to pick her up at daycare, i tell her that i bought tickets.  now i’m stoked, she’s stoked, and ash is tired of hearing about it already.

i didn’t do a great job explaining it to the little two year old and apparently she thought we were going last night.  when we got home she ran upstairs and put on her cubs shirt, skirt, and hat.  she got all excited and asked me every minute for over an hour if i was going to take her to a cubs game.  finally she went up to ash, gave her a kiss, and told her goodbye, she’s going to the cubs game.  oops.  jerk dad didn’t explain very well that we aren’t going until september.  furthermore, we went to play outside for a while.  when it was time to go inside i told her we had to go inside so we could watch the cubs.  in my head i told her that we were going to watch the cubs on tv while we got ready for bed.  in her head she heard that dad was taking her to a cubs game, she had her gear on, and dad invited her inside to watch the cubs..WE’RE GOING TO THE CUBS GAME NOW!!!!

poor little girl zurcher.  she was sooooo sad when i had to explain to her that we weren’t going to the cubs game for 40 more days.  that didn’t go very well.  she has no concept of time yet.  she understands either now or never.  when i say we aren’t going now, that means never.  i printed out the view from our seats for the reds website and printed out a calendar of july, august, and september.  i expalined to her that we would cross out one box every day until it’s time to go to the cubs game. hopefully this will help her understand that it’s going to be a while yet, but we definately are going.  we taped the picture and the calendar up on her wall and will be checking it every day.  poor lgz.

i took a picture of her last night while she was sleeping.  no, i didn’t turn on her light, that’s just the flash.  she was so excited to be going to a game soon that she refused to take off her shirt and hat.