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playoff hockey

May 2, 2009

hockey is a great sport.  it’s intense.  it’s exciting.  it’s quick paced.  it’s fan friendly.  it has attitude and tradition.  it is a sport where both young boys (18) and old men (45) can play — and be competitive — in the same game.  if you haven’t tried hockey, try it.  go to a game.  if you can’t make it to an nhl game, try a minor league or amateur league game.  it’s totally worth it.  even little girl z loves it.  we’ve been to a regular season game and a playoff game this year.  she can’t get enough!

so i’m listening to the blackhawks game through’s gamecast which includes radio feeds from both teams.  the hawks just won 6-3 in a very exciting game.  the last eight minutes were as exciting as any 8 minute stretch that i can recall.  i want to give props to the hawks radio play by play man, john wiedeman.  dude has a great radio voice and is rediculously passionate about what he does without being obnoxious.  he is descriptive in his call giving as detailed accounts as possible of the fast action and uses his voice to relax the excitement and tension on the ice.  if you can’t be at the game or watch the game live, it’s not a consolation to listen to it on the radio.

cheers to you dave wiedeman!  thanks for doing what you do and doing it so well!


i think i am a hockey fan again

November 2, 2007

so i used to love hockey. when we were kids, dad used to take us to minor league hockey games in fort wayne. the komets were the hot ticket in town. and because the coliseum wasn’t all that big, every seat was a great seat. what made it even better was when we learned that the guy who lived behind us was non other than mr. komet, eddie long. he had a grandson that is my age and we used to play street hockey together.

i’ve been a blackhawks fan since i started watching hockey. i’ve been upset about the direction they’ve been going in for quite some time now. in short, the owner has taken an original six team, refused to spend money to bring talent to the team, has depended on poor talent evaluators signing veteran players that end up not making a difference or spend most of the year injured, and refused to televise home games. the last couple of years they have had a top draft pick because they have been so terrible.

finnally, things are starting to go right. their last couple of draft picks are quickly becoming stars. not only are the 18 and 19 and INCREDIBLY talented, but they have likable personalities and are winning over new fans locally and nationally every day. they are fun to watch as evidenced here when toews (pronounced “taves”)took it to the av’s (get the rhyme). i have also found that has links to each and every teams radio coverage of the games. this has been nice when the are not on tv, i can listen to the play by play on the computer. the other event that was perfectly timed was the death of the team chairman and owner, william wirtz. not in any way that i am celebrating the man’s death. i don’t. i do, however, celebrate his release of control of the team. within weeks his son and predecessor has already committed to putting the home games back on tv just as soon as they can get a schedule worked out with comcast sports chicago.

things are certainly looking up.

go hawks, red wings suck!