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random thoughts

February 19, 2009
  • golden domei am not, by any stretch of imagination, an architecture critic.  i can, however, admire a beautiful building as well as the next person.   yesterday i was in south bend and was able to drive past the notre dame campus.  even on a dull, dreary, gray day, the golden dome still shines.

  • touchdown_jesusit’s not the most beautiful painting i’ve ever seen, but as an irish football fan touchdown jesus is just as beautiful as the golden dome.

  • frozen cokes are delicious
  • a loves jimmy johns, but i just don’t think there are very good.  they’re not bad, just not good.  if i want a sub from a chain i’ll get subway, quizno’s, or (most likely) penn station.
  • chrysler asks for another $2 billion.  gm asks for another $16.6 billion!  i don’t think we need to give gm another dime.  they have already been given $13.3 billion.  to request that the american government more than double what they have already offered is ludicrous.  besides the $29.9 billion that they have been given/requested from the us, they have also requested bailout money from canada, sweeden, germany, the uk, and thailand.  enough is enough.  let them fail.  yes, it will be painful and yes, it will put hundreds of thousands out of work, but there has to be a limit.  the beauty of capitalism is that when tough times hit, the system weeds out the weak.  it you drag your company’s good name through the mud and aren’t capable of surviving a recession, then see ya later.  instead of  handing away $29.9 billion to a failure of a company, offer that as seed money to entreprenuers to invent/create newer and better automobiles and other modes of personal transportation.  there are other ways to spur the economy other than to put a dying company on life support.  in the end, they’re still going to have to pull the plug.  better to do it now then to spend all our resources trying to delay the inevitable.

i found a new rub

September 5, 2008

we broke out the grill tonight.  i have only grilled once since little boy zurcher was born and it’s been killing me.  tonight was a wonderful 70 degree night.  it was overcast so it felt a little cooler than that; perfect for high school football.  unfortunately, the school across the street had an away game so we just did the tailgate part of the night.  my brother came over so we broke out the porterhouses in the freezer.  for some reason, a coffee rub sounded good so i went to and found a good one. this one is so simple (ground coffee, cocoa, and cinnamon) and it taste out of this world.  i was so excited about the smoke billowing out of the grill and the smell that accompanied it that i totally forgot to get the camera to take a picture of the scene on the grill.  sorry.  this rub has officially entered my rotation and i’ll use it often.  it’s so good that i’m not sure that i will tinker with it at all.  i definately recommend giving it a try.


how fun has this year been for college football?

November 24, 2007

this is one of those times that i wish never worked on a saturday. this year has been simply amazing in college football. i can’t remember a season with more major upsets, polls that change significantly weekly, perennially bad teams are good (indiana) and perennially good teams are bad (notre dame), games that should be blowouts are close and games that should be close are blowouts. this afternoon before i went to work i watch the big ten network’s replay of this year’s bucket game (indiana vs purdue) and got chills watching the hoosiers pull it out. right now i’m watching hawaii and boise st. is it just me or is every player on hawaii’s team way too fast for their own good. they are flying all over the place. and that colt brennan guy is kind of good.

it seems like every game i’ve watched has been plenty exciting. normally i watch closely every game that i have a personal interest in and will watch other games while i do other things. but this year, more than ever, i catch myself watching games that i normally have no interest in like it’s notre dame or indiana playing.

all this great football and now college basketball is starting with the hoosiers looking like they will content for a national championship! er-ric-gor-don clap, clap, clap clap clap!

it’s times like this that i feel bad for ash and addison.