kanye on snl

December 14, 2008

so i have snl on as background noise as i eat second dinner and catch up on some internet reading/surfing.

is kanye always this bad?  i’ve heard some really bad performers on snl before, but he is terrible.  wow.  i’m not sure what else to say.  i’ve really only seen kanye on tv twice – tonight and the most ridiculous live television performance ever:

i can’t get enough of watching mike myers and the look on his face as kanye deviates from the script.

also, speaking of fun comments on tv, an infomercial just started after snl.  they are featuring four actual coins with barak obama painting on them.  these things are always really lame, but this features some salesman and montel williams and they sound like they are ad-libbing.  almost no script, or at least they haven’t rehearsed it.  it’s just terrible.  they are really working to come up with some exciting reasons why you have to collect these.  they are excited about the hawaii coin because “many people don’t know that president obama is the first president born in hawaii.”  is there anyone who would want to collect obama anything that does not know that he’s from hawaii?

in montel’s intro i caught a line that i wish i could hear again.  he’s talking about history being made.  he’s trying to stress the historical significance of the election and he said something to the effect of “…for the privileged few who have been fortunate to go to a museum…”

apparently having visited many museums so far in my life, i have unknowlingly reached the elite level of “privileged few.”


a sad day for illinois

December 9, 2008

i’ve decided that i will never run for governor of illinois.  i’m starting to think the office is cursed.  apparently you have to sign a document saying that, regardless of party affiliation, you will promise to use your office to force businesses and/or constituents into illegal activity.


how dare they? indianapolis buys 85 camry hybrids!

December 9, 2008

the indianapolis star posted a piece on friday that i would like to comment on.  the mayor’s office announced on friday that they had contracted to purchase 85 vehicles for the police department.  they are to be used by “police detectives and administrators.”   after narrowing down their options, the two choices they chose from were the malibu hybrid from chevy and the camry hybrid from toyota.  the mayors office chose the camry.  with the well documented problems the “big 3” are going through, vocal locals have been very loud with their protests.  since friday, many folks from the area are livid about the decision to go with the foreign vehicle that has a higher price tag.

there are two main arguments that i’ve heard and i intend to comment on them.

first, the lesser of the two arguments, and the one that i’ve heard less about.  local democrats are upset saying that the mayor’s office is frivolously wasting taxpayor’s money.  the basis of their argument is that the camry is costing upfront $1,700 more than the malibu would.  their calling for a formal inquiry to see if there was any misconduct.  they are also alleging that purchase was made because the dealership’s owner has been known to give to the republican party.

the second indy star article that i linked to spells out the “defense” pretty well and i don’t really have anything to add.  it’s just so stupid that some people find it necessary to try to discredit members of the other party.  there is a time and a place for that sort of thing, but not in this situation.  i’m sure that before it’s said and done, mayor ballard will try to do something that will be much more controversial than this.  when he does, then go after him.  but when he chooses a vehicle that only costs $1,700 more, but gets much better gas milage, has a lower cost of ownership, can be delivered quicker, and looks better (of course the last one is just my opinion), what is there to complain about?  why don’t they work on something else.  there is plenty of work that needs to be done on the mass transit proposals, city infrastructure, crime prevention, etc.  indy democrats – stop wasting your time and do something productive.

second, and much more vocal, is the mass of people who are up in arms about the government purchasing foreign vehicles and therefore not supporting american and hoosier workers.

seriously?  really?  you are mad at the mayor because he made a fiscally responsible decision, choosing the better deal on the better car?  local friends of the automakers are mad because gm has a plant in indianapolis that makes parts for the malibu.  they contend that by not purchasing the malibu, the mayor’s office is contributing to the uaw workers losing their jobs even quicker than what is at this point inevitable.

here is my take plain and simple – there are lots of americans who like and are loyal to the american brands.  that’s great.  but there are even more who have owned an american car, have fussed with an american car, have hauled their car to the shop, paid for unnecessary repairs, and have experienced a higher price of ownership on a car that depreciate faster than many foreign cars.    for years the big 3 had produced the better car and americans responded with the purchasing decisions.  when the big 3 became complacent and decided they didn’t need to try any longer, the american consumers responded with their purchasing decisions.  it’s that easy.  instead of complaining that people won’t buy your cars, build better ones!  this is consumer based capitalistic economics 101.  apparently, it is easier for the big 3 to rely on their employees’ ability to bully rather than their employees’ ability to think innovative.

i thought it would be fun  to play a quick math game (i love being a nerd!).  the uaw workers in indianapolis are upset because their companies are in such dire straits that they must ask the government for $25,000,000,000 and the local government thinks that now is the time to buy a foreign brand.  they talk as though those 85 vehicles are essential to keeping gm afloat.  so i got to thinking.  let’s say, for arguments sake, that all of the $24,000 from the sale of the hybrid malibu goes straight to gm’s bank.  let’s see what that would do.  85 malibu’s at $24,000 per totals $2,040,000.  at that rate – again assuming that each of those dollars goes straight to gm – it would take only 12,255 more purchases of the same size to give the big 3 the amount of money they are asking for from the federal government.



rosie o’donnell live

December 4, 2008

i saw yesterday that rosie’s attempt at the 70‘s style variety show bombed…badly.

that’s too bad.  i saw all the teasers for it over the three or four week period leading up to it and thought it looked very entertaining.  and seriously, anything that opens with a sketch with liza minnelli is sure to be a winner, right?  unfortunately i missed it due to…um…unforeseen circumstances.  see…my dog ate my remote and i can’t turn the tv on without the remote.

actually i had to work so i wouldn’t have been able to watch it anyway.  i can assure you, however, that had i been home, there is no way i would have watched that.

who pitched that idea and who was the network exec who said, “that sounds like a great idea!  that’s what network programming has been missing for the last 30 years.  retro is cool right now so what’s better than retro reality tv?!”  they should be fired…unless it’s jack from 30 rock.  he’s just dumb enough that he could find a way to get away with it.

i can’t get the fairly dumb insult out of my head – um…the 70’s called and they want their variety show back.

my prayer tonight:  please god, don’t let them bring rosie back for a second episode.


just the two of us

December 1, 2008

[this was supposed to be published on september 10th.  for some reason i didn’t get it posted.  i figure since i went to the trouble to write it, i might as well post it, right?]

sunday (september 7th) i took little girl zurcher to a cubs game for her birthday.  granted her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but i wanted to be able to take her to great american ballpark in cincy instead of wrigley.  don’t get me wrong.  there is nothing like seeing a game at wrigley, but when it is just myself and a three year old, i didn’t want to have to explain beer and beligerence just yet.  as it was we had one drunk behind us who had a problem pronouncing kosuke fukudome‘s last name.  fortunately addison didn’t pay any attention.

we had so much fun.  at first she was tentative as always around people she doesn’t know, but as the game progressed she became more and more vocal.  this was not her first game, but it was the first game where she was old enough to begin to understand what was going on and will remember it.


  • after the second inning they put us on the jumbotron.  i just happened to look up and there we were.  little girl zurcher was sitting on my lap, staring at the big screen, with absolutely no emotion on her face.  she just didn’t realize what was happening.
  • she loved the 7th inning stretch.  when we sang, “root root root for the…” she screamed “CUBBIES!”
  • between the eigth and ninth innings she tried to start the “let’s go cubbies” chant.  the best part is that i didn’t teach her that.  she heard it during the game and tried to start it on her own.  my heart is so proud.  not to brag, but i’m such a great father.

as always, if you want photographic, click on the flickr widget on the right hand side to see all of our pictures.


seth godin is on to something

November 5, 2008

he posted this on his blog today.

Your customers and employees and investors will remember how you treated them when times were tough, when they needed a break, when a little support meant everything.

No one in particular will remember how you acted during the boom times.

i just wanted to pass it on.  it’s such an important message that too many managers at every level will forget.  with the holiday season (predicted to be the worst in a generation) approaching there are management lessons that will be forgotten.  some will cost managers their business, some won’t.  all will affect he bottom line.  those who follow this advice are the ones who are most likely to come out on time.


really bad drivers

November 2, 2008

about half of my drive to work is on one road.  this road is a two lane road in an ever-growing residential area.  as such, there is probably enough traffic consistently on the road to warrant converting it to a four or five lane road.  needless to say, it’s not.  this road is quite possibly my least favorite road on earth.  nearly every time i drive it during the day, i get stuck behind someone who feels it is necessary to drive 5-10 miles under the speed limit.  it have no problems with drivers who feel it is prudent to drive the speed limit.  that is their decision.  however, it is rude to assume that the people behind you have nothing better to do with their time than follow you driving unnecessarily slow.

the other problem with this road is that since there is so much steady traffic that it is sometimes hard to get out of neighborhoods.  the common solution to this is to pull out in front of cars and hope for the best.  it’s starting to get to the point that it is dangerous.  again, it’s not uncommon to be cruising along at 55 or 60 and have some jerk whip out of a neighborhood right in front of you forcing you to hit your breaks in order to avoid rear-ending them.

how could this get worse?  often the person who pulls out in front of you nearly forcing you to rear-end them is also the person who is going to go 5, 10, or 15 miles an hour under the speed limit!  it’s also not uncommon to have this happen to you when there is no one behind you.  so instead of letting you go past and or just above speed limit, then pulling out and driving whatever speed they want, they pull out in front of you, force you to slam on the breaks, and then driving very slow.  this is enough, especially when late for work, to make the pope curse like a sailor.

now for my favorite part.  30% of the time (yes, i made up this stat, but it’s a fairly accurate made up stat) these bad drivers come out of just one neighborhood!  agh!!!!!  so here’s what i propose.  i propose that the indiana bureau of motor vehicles revokes the driver’s license of every single resident of that neighborhood.  that would go a long way towards making my drive safer and more convenient.  and at the end of the day, it’s all about me.


important political poll from zurcher pollsters

October 19, 2008

please vote.  the future of our country may depend upon it.  i’m attempting to gauge interest in a possible last-minute entry into the political fray.  my platform would include many things, but my main message would be one of “change.”  listen to this song as you vote.


random thought

October 19, 2008

i’m still pissed at the cubs.  i hate them.

i can’t hate them.  i want to, but i can’t.  but i can be pissed at them.

i’m still pissed at the cubs.

[end inner monologue]


janice in the economist

October 19, 2008

sarah palin was at verizon wireless music center in noblesville (indiana) on friday.  my mother-in-law was given tickets to go to the rally.  while there she started talking to a magazine reporter.  turns out this magazine reporter works for the economist.  she asked my mother-in-law a bunch of questions and is going to be calling her back soon to follow up on some of the questions.  i honestly don’t know much more than that.  but all the same, i’m quite excited that she might/probably will appear in the article.  how exciting.