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playoff hockey

May 2, 2009

hockey is a great sport.  it’s intense.  it’s exciting.  it’s quick paced.  it’s fan friendly.  it has attitude and tradition.  it is a sport where both young boys (18) and old men (45) can play — and be competitive — in the same game.  if you haven’t tried hockey, try it.  go to a game.  if you can’t make it to an nhl game, try a minor league or amateur league game.  it’s totally worth it.  even little girl z loves it.  we’ve been to a regular season game and a playoff game this year.  she can’t get enough!

so i’m listening to the blackhawks game through’s gamecast which includes radio feeds from both teams.  the hawks just won 6-3 in a very exciting game.  the last eight minutes were as exciting as any 8 minute stretch that i can recall.  i want to give props to the hawks radio play by play man, john wiedeman.  dude has a great radio voice and is rediculously passionate about what he does without being obnoxious.  he is descriptive in his call giving as detailed accounts as possible of the fast action and uses his voice to relax the excitement and tension on the ice.  if you can’t be at the game or watch the game live, it’s not a consolation to listen to it on the radio.

cheers to you dave wiedeman!  thanks for doing what you do and doing it so well!


the hoosiers won!!!

February 5, 2009

we have been getting closer the last several games, but still I AM TOTALLY STOKED ABOUT IT!!!  this year has been rough.  that’s not a surprise.  i knew it would be difficult and that we would have lower our expectations, but still i wasn’t ready for how difficult it would be.  now that i am almost used to it (read: expecting it), it is absolutely thrilling to win a game!


super bowl commercials

February 3, 2009

i am a sports purist. i hate big games if only because of all the drama and pageantry.  i don’t see the point of pre-game, half-time, and post-game concerts.  i find the need for having half of the former players and every photographer in the u.s. at midfield for the coin toss asinine.  i loathe the crowd that is brought on to the field to jump around for the concert-dejour in hopes that i’ll be fooled into thinking that i am at a concert instead of a football game.  generally speaking, i just can’t stand anything that consumes your attention and detracts from the significance of the game.  i understand that the nfl does all of this to try to bring and capture the attention of those who otherwise would not care about the game.  i understand that there are millions that watch the game just for everything else besides the game.  i also understand that i’m never going to be able to change it, but i just want a game.  give me a good game (and i got one this year!).  if the millions that would rather be at a broadway show don’t watch it, so what?  it’s a football game.  if they don’t want to watch it, fine.  they don’t have to.

rant aside, there is one non-football aspect to the super bowl i enjoy:  the commercials.  before i go on i have to be clear about something.  commercial time is time to go to the bathroom or reload my plate/bowl/drink.  as great as the super bowl commercials are, they still take a backseat to gluttony (and that’s what dvr and are for).  assuming my bladder is relatively empty and my plate is full, i truly enjoy most commercials.  the last several years have had a few good ones and a few bad ones.  this year was no exception.  my thoughts on some of the individual commercials follow.

top three:

1.  bud light – swedish conan.  quite simply, anything with conan is destined to be hilarious.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2.  pepsi max – “i’m good.”  pain is funny.  pain several times is several times funnier.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3a. – moose desk.  the guy is sitting in between the moose’s legs.  hilarious.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3b. e-trade – baby with the golden pipes.  the baby pretty funny.  add another baby and use the phrase “golden pipes” and you’re in business.  good stuff.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

the bz honorable mention (in no particular order):

now for the commericals that were failures in my eyes:

  • castrol – grease monkeys.  i just don’t get it.  it wasn’t funny.  i’ve watched it several times and it’s just not funny.
  • coke commercials.  i thought these were mildly clever at best, but not overly entertaining or relevant.  a guy napping on a spring/summer day while bugs take his coke bottle airing while the midwest is stuck under a foot of snow and ice and most of the country is very cold.  it just doesn’t seem like the right time to air a summer time ad.
  •  okay.  here’s the deal.  danica patrick is NOT hot!  she’s not.  period.  end of discussion.  here’s why people are sometimes fooled into thinking she’s hot.  sandwich her in between aj foyt iv and tony kanaan and yeah she looks pretty good.  but sandwich her in between heidi klum and marisa miller and she’s just another pretender.

pick the hot one and danica gets picked every time (except by mrs. foyt iv and mrs. kanaan)

pick the hot one and danica never gets picked.  ever.

danica is not hot.  please go daddy (and sports illustrated and the irl), stop trying to make her hot.


just the two of us

December 1, 2008

[this was supposed to be published on september 10th.  for some reason i didn’t get it posted.  i figure since i went to the trouble to write it, i might as well post it, right?]

sunday (september 7th) i took little girl zurcher to a cubs game for her birthday.  granted her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but i wanted to be able to take her to great american ballpark in cincy instead of wrigley.  don’t get me wrong.  there is nothing like seeing a game at wrigley, but when it is just myself and a three year old, i didn’t want to have to explain beer and beligerence just yet.  as it was we had one drunk behind us who had a problem pronouncing kosuke fukudome‘s last name.  fortunately addison didn’t pay any attention.

we had so much fun.  at first she was tentative as always around people she doesn’t know, but as the game progressed she became more and more vocal.  this was not her first game, but it was the first game where she was old enough to begin to understand what was going on and will remember it.


  • after the second inning they put us on the jumbotron.  i just happened to look up and there we were.  little girl zurcher was sitting on my lap, staring at the big screen, with absolutely no emotion on her face.  she just didn’t realize what was happening.
  • she loved the 7th inning stretch.  when we sang, “root root root for the…” she screamed “CUBBIES!”
  • between the eigth and ninth innings she tried to start the “let’s go cubbies” chant.  the best part is that i didn’t teach her that.  she heard it during the game and tried to start it on her own.  my heart is so proud.  not to brag, but i’m such a great father.

as always, if you want photographic, click on the flickr widget on the right hand side to see all of our pictures.


random thought

October 19, 2008

i’m still pissed at the cubs.  i hate them.

i can’t hate them.  i want to, but i can’t.  but i can be pissed at them.

i’m still pissed at the cubs.

[end inner monologue]


it’s probably for the best…

October 6, 2008

note:  if you’re looking for the words “curse(s),” “goat,” or “100 years,” please look somewhere else.

…that the cubs were swept out of the playoffs like an umpire sweeping the dirt off of home plate.  it’s okay, really.  i didn’t want to have a cubs team live up to my expectations.  i didn’t want the season to end with a series loss in which we actually won a game.  i didn’t want to use that ticket i bought for game 5 of the nlcs.  come on.  it would have sucked sitting in the bleachers for a playoff game.  and what if it was cold?  it’s not like they sell cubs sweatshirts or something.  but most of all, in no way would i have wanted my beloved cubs to win the world series.  what would have happened then?  obviously i root for the cubs because they are losers.  if they all of a sudden became winners, i wouldn’t know what to do with myself.  i would certainly have to become a marniners fan.  i am a cubs fan because i like being scoffed at.  i like having people look down upon me because i’m loyal to a fault.  if i made business decisions as effective as i choose baseball teams, i would have shot myself long ago for the inability to make any money.


ok.  sarcastic vent session is over.


the playoffs

September 30, 2008

here we go.  the sox are in and it is now officially time for the playoffs to begin.  in less than 24 hours, the first cubs game will be over and i will either be laughing or crying.  there is no such thing as a curse and i’m not supersticious.  with that being said you will get no predictions from me.  suffice it to say that i will be living on every pitch until the cubs win game 11.  if and when it happens i hope i just don’t get too emotional.  i’ve been told that if i cry over a cubs world series win, but not when my children are born or when loved ones die then i have severe emotional issues.

GO CUBS!!!!!


i have the perfect daughter

September 25, 2008

it’s funny that as i typed the title of this post she just coughed and sneezed all over her mother!

tuesday night little girl z was sitting on my lap watching the cubs game.  she often does this when they play a night game.  when it’s time for bed she crawls up on my lap and watches the game while cuddling with me in order to stay up later.  on tuesday she went one step further and spontaneously started singing “take me out to the ballgame.”  when she was finished with that she busted in to “go cubs go.”

moral of the story:  when your old man has no emotions, the best way to make him think he might have some is to sit on his lap and sing odes to his favorite team.


lucas oil stadium: my review

August 18, 2008

disclaimer:  i’m not an architect.  to take that even further, my experiences in large sporting venues are limited.  i’m reviewing this not as a critic, but as a fan.  i’m giving my opinions which, i think, are representative of the general fan base that will be buying the tickets, not those that visit venues like this for a living.

my first impression of lucas oil stadium is that it is absolutely mammoth.  i’ve driven past it on i70, i’ve driven past it on missouri, but to actually walk up to it for the first time gave me a completely new perspective of the incredible scale.  it’s huge!

we’ve been reading about the stadium for some time now.  i’ve read the releases that they have sponsors set up for gates and such, but having seen it i now understand it.  the indiana stadium and convention building authority did a great thing having companies sponsor gates and corridors.  these areas are loaded with merchandise, murrals, interactive areas, etc.  it’s not like walking down a corridor and seeing nothing but tv’s with commercials running on them.  there’s lots of “stuff” to look at, things to see.  the effect is that the sponsors get a great amount of exposure, but in a tasteful, meaningful, and probably effective way.  instead of hh greggs spending millions of dollars to sponsor a board with their name on it next to the jumbotron, they get a gate with a show room and interactive activities.

the inside of the stadium is attractive, to say the least.  every view i saw was excellent.  there is an extreme amount of natural light (during the day) without the roof open, which gives it a light, airy feeling.  it seems to me that this would be hard to achieve in a building with a roof, but they pulled it off.  the current trend of showing the “guts” of a building (steels girders, air ducts, etc) has been continued in the building with positive results.  i don’t have the experience/knowledge to break it down any more so i’ll just post a few more pictures. 

last, but not least.  i have the honor of probably being the first person to be booed at lucas oil stadium.  when we were in line to go past the locker room at the end of the tour, some guy in a suit came by (i assume he was a big wig with the stadium authority) and asked if everyone was enjoying the experience.  we all yelled yes and as his eyes swept the crowd they landed on me.  i, of course, had my cubs hat on.  i wasn’t stupid enough to wear any of my bears gear, but i thought the cubs had would be innocent.  the guy looked at me and asked (playfully) where my colts hat was.  i responded that i didn’t have one.  the look on his face screamed, “why not.”  so i responded the only way i knew how.  “i don’t have one because i’m a bears fan.”  instantly, everyone within earshot started booing me.  it was great!  my response to them?  i pointed at the super bowl banner hanging from the rafters and said, “settle down.  .i like the bears, but you guys have your banner.  you won, we lost.  and now you have a beautiful building to boot.”  good fun!


lucas oil stadium

August 15, 2008

EDIT:  to see my review, click here.

i will have the priviledge of taking a tour of lucas oil stadium, new home of the colts, in downtown indianapolis tomorrow morning.  i’ll post my thoughts on the stadium afterwords.  i’m not an architect, nor do i play one on tv, so i’m not going to write a review on things i know nothing about.  i will, however, give a fan’s perspective of what it feels like, pictures included.  hopefully they will let us throw a football on the field too.