me, in a nutshell

  • i call this my thoughtless thoughts because i don’t/won’t post many entries that are well researched, well thought out.  what i say here, unless i say otherwise, are my opinions after very little (if any) research.  if you disagree with me and can link to something that might prove me wrong, feel free to do so.  if i’m wrong i’ll admit it.  just don’t tell my wife i admitted i was wrong.
  • i hate capitalization. the shift button wears me out. so for you editors out there, yes, i know i’m not capitalizing and i don’t care.
  • i have no specific topic. i’ll type about whatever i feel like or about whatever i am thinking (or not thinking).
  • i’m sarcastic. really sarcastic.
  • i am an over-the-top narcissist. this is NOT (don’t worry, i used the CAPS LOCK not the shift button) (although i did have to use the shift button to put in the parenthesis [crap!]) related to the point directly above.


  1. love the blog… especially the butt slap post. right with you.

    have some thoughts on the tour de fishers.

    i don’t capitalize either.

  2. My names Brad Zurcher too! That’s cool.

    • good gracious. as if one brad zurcher isn’t enough, i find out there’s two now? i feel the start of an evil duo sent to take over the earth!

  3. You are so NOT a narcissist! And congratulations, by the way. I’m very proud of you – even if you are way too sarcastic 🙂

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