lessons learned

March 13, 2009

so i’m starting my last week in my current job and counting down the days until i start the new one (10). to be truthful, i can’t wait until i get the chance to be intellectually stimulated again. my current job has many positive aspects, but i don’t get much of a chance to think, to strategize, or to plan. unfortunately that is what i need to keep my brain happy, fulfilled, sharp, and out of trouble. anyways…

why do we always wait until we are saying goodbye to tell people things we should have told them a long time ago? i have talked to several people over the last week and let them know just how important they are the the organization. these are people that i have worked with for several years, have written and delivered annual reviews for, and have spent long nights and busy nights and all nights and holidays with. i know them all well. they are my friends. if i think someone does a great job day in and day out, why do i wait until i have submitted my resignation to tell them how great and integral they are? why didn’t i tell them earlier? lesson learned. next time i will do better, letting people know that i appreciate them before i leave.

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