rosie o’donnell live

December 4, 2008

i saw yesterday that rosie’s attempt at the 70‘s style variety show bombed…badly.

that’s too bad.  i saw all the teasers for it over the three or four week period leading up to it and thought it looked very entertaining.  and seriously, anything that opens with a sketch with liza minnelli is sure to be a winner, right?  unfortunately i missed it due to…um…unforeseen circumstances.  see…my dog ate my remote and i can’t turn the tv on without the remote.

actually i had to work so i wouldn’t have been able to watch it anyway.  i can assure you, however, that had i been home, there is no way i would have watched that.

who pitched that idea and who was the network exec who said, “that sounds like a great idea!  that’s what network programming has been missing for the last 30 years.  retro is cool right now so what’s better than retro reality tv?!”  they should be fired…unless it’s jack from 30 rock.  he’s just dumb enough that he could find a way to get away with it.

i can’t get the fairly dumb insult out of my head – um…the 70’s called and they want their variety show back.

my prayer tonight:  please god, don’t let them bring rosie back for a second episode.

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