it’s probably for the best…

October 6, 2008

note:  if you’re looking for the words “curse(s),” “goat,” or “100 years,” please look somewhere else.

…that the cubs were swept out of the playoffs like an umpire sweeping the dirt off of home plate.  it’s okay, really.  i didn’t want to have a cubs team live up to my expectations.  i didn’t want the season to end with a series loss in which we actually won a game.  i didn’t want to use that ticket i bought for game 5 of the nlcs.  come on.  it would have sucked sitting in the bleachers for a playoff game.  and what if it was cold?  it’s not like they sell cubs sweatshirts or something.  but most of all, in no way would i have wanted my beloved cubs to win the world series.  what would have happened then?  obviously i root for the cubs because they are losers.  if they all of a sudden became winners, i wouldn’t know what to do with myself.  i would certainly have to become a marniners fan.  i am a cubs fan because i like being scoffed at.  i like having people look down upon me because i’m loyal to a fault.  if i made business decisions as effective as i choose baseball teams, i would have shot myself long ago for the inability to make any money.


ok.  sarcastic vent session is over.

One comment

  1. I grew up a Sox fan, but was sure the Cubs would go further then the Sox, based on the team they had. The Cubs just looked like they didn’t even want to play. The Sox, after battling to get in, failed to do anything either! What a sad end to a good season of Chicago baseball, huh?

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