August 24, 2008

i don’t often write about my faith.  i’m generally pretty reserved about the subject.  it’s such a personal topic for me, i just don’t like throwing it all over the internet.  with that said, here’s a thought on grace.

i was given a ticket to the third day/switchfoot/robert randolph and the family band/jars of clay concert for this past friday night.  i’m a pretty big switchfoot fan, i’ve listened to third day a decent amount in the past, and i fell in love with robert randolph’s abilities once (remember this?), so when i was offered the ticket i didn’t hesitate to say yes.  i knew i would have a good time and with the good friends, loud music, beautiful weather, and a slight breeze this proved to be true.

without going into detail, i’ve been struggling with a couple of things in my life.  i’ve been missing God’s intentions for me and i’ve responded to this challenge poorly.  i’ve gotten to the point that i’ve been mad at God, at times feeling like he’s totally left me and run off to hang out with someone else.  in arguing with, then running away from God, i’ve been stressed, frustrated, and cranky.  i have tried (without much success) to not let this affect my demeanor at work and with my family.  it’s not fun.

friday night third day played a song from their first album, a song that i haven’t heard in a long time, “thief.”  musically, it’s a fairly simple song, but it’s not written for the music, it’s written for the lyrics.  it is sung from the point of view of the thief hung next to Jesus who was mentioned in luke 23:40-42.  this song has been stuck in my head all weekend.  then today at church our pastor read and briefly spoke about the thief as well.  sometimes God tries to teach you lessons by sending subtle hints.  sometimes he smacks you in the face with them.  this was one of those times.

i’m thankful that i have a Father who cares for me and loves me.  he has patiently waited for me to admit that the points i so vehemently defended in my argument with him were completely wrong (which i’m not good at doing).  it’s comforting to know that even though i haven’t done a thing to earn forgiveness – let alone a place in heaven – i still have the opportunity to receive it, all i have to do it ask.  that’s the beauty of grace.  none of us deserve it.  we can’t earn it.  God is always willing to give it to us, He only requires that we ask for it.

i haven’t found the answers that i’ve been waiting for.  i pray every day that i find them soon.  i still am bothered by the fact that God’s time (kairos, thanks bill bray) hasn’t aligned with my time.  at least He has reminded me that even though He isn’t ready to unveil His plans for me, He does offer me unlimited grace.

if you want to hear the song, here it is.

is this why we call Him Gracious?

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