lucas oil stadium: my review

August 18, 2008

disclaimer:  i’m not an architect.  to take that even further, my experiences in large sporting venues are limited.  i’m reviewing this not as a critic, but as a fan.  i’m giving my opinions which, i think, are representative of the general fan base that will be buying the tickets, not those that visit venues like this for a living.

my first impression of lucas oil stadium is that it is absolutely mammoth.  i’ve driven past it on i70, i’ve driven past it on missouri, but to actually walk up to it for the first time gave me a completely new perspective of the incredible scale.  it’s huge!

we’ve been reading about the stadium for some time now.  i’ve read the releases that they have sponsors set up for gates and such, but having seen it i now understand it.  the indiana stadium and convention building authority did a great thing having companies sponsor gates and corridors.  these areas are loaded with merchandise, murrals, interactive areas, etc.  it’s not like walking down a corridor and seeing nothing but tv’s with commercials running on them.  there’s lots of “stuff” to look at, things to see.  the effect is that the sponsors get a great amount of exposure, but in a tasteful, meaningful, and probably effective way.  instead of hh greggs spending millions of dollars to sponsor a board with their name on it next to the jumbotron, they get a gate with a show room and interactive activities.

the inside of the stadium is attractive, to say the least.  every view i saw was excellent.  there is an extreme amount of natural light (during the day) without the roof open, which gives it a light, airy feeling.  it seems to me that this would be hard to achieve in a building with a roof, but they pulled it off.  the current trend of showing the “guts” of a building (steels girders, air ducts, etc) has been continued in the building with positive results.  i don’t have the experience/knowledge to break it down any more so i’ll just post a few more pictures. 

last, but not least.  i have the honor of probably being the first person to be booed at lucas oil stadium.  when we were in line to go past the locker room at the end of the tour, some guy in a suit came by (i assume he was a big wig with the stadium authority) and asked if everyone was enjoying the experience.  we all yelled yes and as his eyes swept the crowd they landed on me.  i, of course, had my cubs hat on.  i wasn’t stupid enough to wear any of my bears gear, but i thought the cubs had would be innocent.  the guy looked at me and asked (playfully) where my colts hat was.  i responded that i didn’t have one.  the look on his face screamed, “why not.”  so i responded the only way i knew how.  “i don’t have one because i’m a bears fan.”  instantly, everyone within earshot started booing me.  it was great!  my response to them?  i pointed at the super bowl banner hanging from the rafters and said, “settle down.  .i like the bears, but you guys have your banner.  you won, we lost.  and now you have a beautiful building to boot.”  good fun!


  1. Good review! I love the new stadium. GO COLTS!

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  3. yo this is the best stadium ever go colts

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