alexander hamilton

August 7, 2008

i finally finished alexander hamilton by ron chernow the other night.  i’ve only been working on it for a couple of months now.  it takes a long time to read 735 pages about a man that you know only a little about.  it’s not like reading fiction you know.  plus, i haven’t had much time to devote to reading so i’ve been reading a couple of pages per night.  not exactly the quickest way to finish a book of this size.

now that i’ve avoided my complex and don’t have to worry about the internet community making fun of me because of how long it took me to read this book, i must say that i really enjoyed it.  i learned so much about hamilton and about the formation of the u.s.  i knew that he played a major role in the formation of the united states, but i had to idea to what extent.  holy crap!  so much of what we take for granted today, so much of what is just standard operating procedures, are his brainchildren.  not only that, but boy could he write.  i don’t know that i could write a 500 word blog post let alone the tomes that he was putting out.  oh well.  that’s why he was a founding father and i’m an assistant store manager.  i truely believe that every person living in this country should read a book on alexander hamilton.  maybe not this one – it’s a little long for the casual reader – but a book on hamilton.  he was such an important figure in shaping our nation and most don’t know anything about him.

my only critique is that chernow put in so much research (nearly 100 pages of footnotes) i wish he would have written more details and broken the bio into two 500 page volumes rather than one 750 pager.  it just felt like he tried to edit the content of this book to keep it in one volume.  there were some places where he cut a story off and ended it roughly with a quick sumation and a rushed conclusion rather that spending the time necessary to help the reader come to the same conclusions he did.  i don’t doubt much that i would have come to the same conclusions that he did, but if he did this much research and made the book this long, then just finish the job, give me the meat, and let me come to my own conclusions.

like i said, i really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who reads us history, revolution, founding fathers, or anyone interested in the history of capitalism in america.

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