tour de fishers

August 5, 2008

over the last year ash and i have been seeing more and more people (mostly men) cycling on some of the busier streets in our area.  we always see them in packs.  anywhere from four to twenty.  we call it the tour de fishers.

i think it’s great that these men take their fitness seriously.  living in an area that is known for it’s high levels of smokers and obesity, it’s nice to see some people taking their health seriously.

here’s what bugs me (in no particular order).

  1. why do they insist on riding on the busiest commuting streets.  i’m not just asking because i find it annoying to have to slow down because there are no bike lanes.  don’t they see that it’s dangerous to ride these streets?
  2. moreover, they ride these busy streets during peak times.  are saturday and sunday mornings so much less convenient than thursday afternoon during rush hour.  just asking?
  3. they don’t just ride in packs, they all wear their spandex bodysuits.  not only do they wear these suits, but i have seen many who have identical suits.  why?  do you go to the gym dressed just like your three best friends?  is this the newest way to keep up with the joneses?  is this the cool thing to do now?  if so, i need to go get mine right away.  maybe ash and i will wear our matching spandex bodysuits to the mall or something.  that will really make a statement.

like i said.  i’m all for people doing what they can to stay healthy, i just don’t understand this obsession and how far they take it.

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