goodbye billy packer!!!!!

July 14, 2008

according to the miami herald, billy packer’s contract is not being renewed by cbs.  i can not tell you happy this makes me.  hearing his voice is enough to make me mute the tv and turn on the radio broadcast of whichever game he is calling.  i happily listen to a game that is three seconds ahead of what i’m watching if that means i don’t have to listen to him spew oral obnoxiousness (that might have been the best three word phrase i have every produced).  to be fair to mr. packer, he knew that college game and when he wanted to, he would give great analysis.  his problem is that he was too opinionated, too arrogant, and too much of a cheerleader for certain schools and conferences.  if he just would have stuck to calling the game, telling the viewer what he sees and how it works, his basketball knowledge would have endeared him to every college basketball fan.  unfortunately he thought his place in life was to share every opinion that hit him during the game for the nation to hear.

i always love the end of march.  the tournament is such a happy time.  for the first time in my life, there will be no billy packer.  the end of march just got a little happier.  now if we can work on espn and the bill walton guy.

One comment

  1. Great way to start a Monday, hearing of Packer’s release!


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