open letter to brett favre

July 3, 2008

seriously brett?  after several years of spending the entire off season trying to decide if you still wanted to play, you finally got it right and retired.  not only did you make a firm and relatively quick decision to conclude your career, you did it after enjoying one of your best and most memorable seasons.  all have forgiven you of your disservice to the packers by waffling for the duration of the previous off seasons.  don’t screw this up.  don’t do a bunch of interviews saying that your considering it, or that you have “been in touch” with packers’ management, or that you “have the itch.”  just retire to mississippi.  go fishing.  hand out with your kids.  hang out with your wife.  heck, do a couple more wrangler commercials.  just don’t come back.  the packers have already spent most of the offseason preparing aaron rodgers and redesigning their offense based on the fact that you are not there.  coming back negates all of that.  in effect, it wastes their offseason.  it makes it look like you think the packers’ world revolves around you.  the problem is that it doesn’t.  for sure you are one of the greats, but you are not brett packers and the team is not the green bay bretts.  be considerate.  do what’s right.  stay retired.


brad zurcher

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