brett favre a bear?

July 3, 2008

hold your horses, buzz bissinger.  i’m not on the blogosphere creating rumors.  i’m not saying that i’ve “heard” that this is in the works, i’m just a fan saying, what if.

so, espn has reports saying that mr favre is contemplating a comeback.  sports illustrated says he’s not.  (i’ll go on my “i-hate-the-media-because-they-don’t-report-news-they-create-stories” tirade some other time).  i have no clue if this could/would happen, but i think it would be fun to play the what-if game.  let’s say favre wants to play at least one more year.  he wants to remain a packer, but they don’t feel it would be in the best interests (salary cap, playbook, etc) of the team to bring him back.  say they release brett so he can shop himself around the league.  again, i’m not saying this is going to happen, just playing what if.  what if the bears weren’t as comfortable with orton or grossman as much as lovie smith says he is?  what if the favre signed with the bears?  bears fan:  how would you feel about that?

just curious.

One comment

  1. I was really hoping Favre would sign with the Vikes, if only for the first game of the season, at Lambeau Field, on the day that the Packers were to retire number 4.

    That and that alone would’ve been worth a fourth-round pick. 🙂

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