the butt slap

June 5, 2008

as a (former, wannabe) athlete, i have the greatest amount of respect for the traditions, superstitions, and quirks found in sports. i love it when people don’t shave or change underwear throughout a wining streak or playoffs. i even find a disturbing amount of humor in the different slump busters out there (for you mark grace/jim rome or jason giambi fans). perhaps one of my favorites is one that is probably more misunderstood than any other by those not engaged in it: the butt slap.

the butt slap is natural and normal on the field, but weird and gay off the field. i would never touch a man’s butt while, say, touring gettysburg. that would not be appropriate, but smacking the same man on the rear after scoring a game tying run or intercepting a pass in the fourth quarter is. author’s note: while the butt slap is always appropriate when playing on a team consisting only one gender, the “always” rule does not always apply on teams of mixed genders.

i was reminded yesterday of how funny this practice is when taken out of context through a single picture taken at just the right time. i feel safe in saying (as i’m sure his wife is) that lou pinella gets no erotic joy out of copping a feel of geovany soto’s butt, but one can’t deny that you’d be hard pressed to think otherwise after viewing this picture.

geovany soto/lou pinella

(full disclaimer: this photo is not mine. i first viewed it on the view from the bleachers blog where it is accredited to lenny ignelzi from ap)

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