clinton in kentucky

May 22, 2008

every once in a while i try to catch up on a little bit of politics. i don’t follow political activities as much as i used to. i’ve become too much of a skeptic and cynic. that’s a whole other post at a whole other time. tonight i saw an article on cnn.com discussing senator clinton and her refusal to concede defeat in the democratic primary. i’m all for sticking to your guns and finishing what you started. if there is still a mathematical chance that she could win, then i don’t fault her one bit for not conceding. i might be heard harping on senator clinton’s politics, but i won’t be heard faulting her for not conceding.

okay, so in this article they quote sen. clinton as saying to a gathering in kentucky after her win there, “you’ve never given up on me, because you know i’ve never given up on you.” enter brad the skeptic. really?! what exactly have you done to demonstrate that you’ve “never given up” on kentucky? this is exactly the type of hyperbole that politicians spew like babies do poop and puke. i’m not making the case that she would or wouldn’t be a solid president. i’m not arguing her intelligence or her presence of mind under pressure. what i am saying is that she is full of it. she makes insinuations that she has done what she hasn’t. how can i trust her and feel comfortable taking her at her word when she makes statements like this?

she has been a corporate lawyer, a first lady (state and federal) and a senator representing new york. she has done many wonderful things for many people, but what, i ask, has she done for the people of kentucky? surely if she is going to make this statement she must have something in mind. if i had an audience with her this might be my first question for her. to be fair, this quote could have been taken out of context. she may have been talking to a group of attorneys that she has been personal friends with for years. this seems unlikely, but it is possible. also to be fair to her, i don’t think i would have to work very hard to find similar statements from sen. obama or sen. mccain, i just happened to see sen. clinton’s first.

is anyone else tired of politicians who make ridiculous statements and promises? does anyone else feel that most politicians treat us “common folk” like herdable idiots who will believe anything told to us? i don’t trust people who make statements like “…because you know i’ve never given up on you” because they are playing me as a fool. they insult my intelligence and assume that because they said it, while i haven’t seen it, i will believe them when they make these statements. please. these people are a far cry from president washington. he was concerned with the survivability of the thirteen newly formed states. he was nearly forced into the role of president when it was the farthest thing from the most powerful person in the western world. he did it because his country needed him. today the country doesn’t need these candidates, these candidates need this country. while washington’s main objective was to sustain the great republican experiment, our current selection of candidates seem to be more worried about the power of the office then fighting a good fight and bringing peace and prosperity to our nation.  i am farsighted. i want a leader who makes decisions (unpopular if necessary) that will strengthen our country now, but more importantly in the future.

senator clinton, you haven’t done anything for the people of kentucky. i would be willing to bet that most of your actions have been selfish and self-preserving. when your actions are for the greater good, they are in the best interests of your constituents in new york, not kentucky. don’t lie, don’t exagerate. find another way to rally your troops.

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