May 6, 2008

i noticed that i have had several negative posts on here lately. sorry. it’s not because i am a negative person per se. it’s more because i am a problem solver by nature. i see problems and i want to fix them. when i complain, i generally try to do it with a recommendation as well. people who complain just to complain drive me nuts, but when they address a concern along with offering a solution, i’m fine with it. so here you go: me being happy.

happiness can be derived from almost anything. there are many things that make me happy, but nothing generates a smile faster than my weber one-touch silver grill. just look at it. i’m smiling right now. sunday night we made ribs. we used a simple rub of brown sugar, chili powder, black pepper, and salt. that’s it. i gave the ribs a good rub down and let them sit for a little while. i put the ribs on the grill on top of hickory chips and charcoal and…it was a sight for sore (or hungry) eyes. the smoke came pouring out of the grill any way it could. between the brown sugar and the hickory chips the smell was unbelievable. i couldn’t capture the smell so i tried to capture the sight. the batteries where dead on my camera so i tried taking a picture with my phone. i must admit, it did better than i thought it would. the darkness on the ribs is not because there are overdone, it is the brown sugar from the rub that is caramelizing. mmm! i getting hungry again looking at the picture. i put too much charcoal in the grill so the thinner end of the ribs was over done. but from the middle to the large end it was spectacular! for me ribs are a lot like steaks. there really is no need to cover it in a sauce if you do it right. not taking anything away from the a-1 folks, but their sauce is for overdone or bland steaks. same with bbq sauce. though i do like it as a change of pace, if you add a good rub to the delicious natural flavors of the ribs, who needs sauce?

One comment

  1. Yummy. I’m thinking this should be the year of the smoked pork, whole chickens, or anything other than the hamburger 🙂

    Not that I’m complaining – just anticipating many good meals this summer!

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