things i’m tired of

May 4, 2008

sorry i haven’t posted in such a long time. i thought about telling you all of my reasons (read excuses) for why i haven’t posted, but the truth is i’ve just been lazy.

so here we go. none of these are going to be overly in depth, but these are things that have been driving me nuts. who knows. if i get going on these, you may see them in a longer, more detailed post soon.

  1. oprah. i get tired of seeing her everywhere. it drives me crazy that she puts her face on each and every one of her magazine covers. how vain?! i also get tired of her power over the world. as a bookseller, i see her affect on the world as much as any non-oprah worshiper does. i find her fake, repulsive, power hungry, and having many qualities in common with the anti-christ. i hate the fact that she endorses and promotes rediculous books like the secret and the new earth . these books are nothing short of ridiculous and gullible women around the world are buying and buying in to these books. it’s pathetic. it’s disturbing.
  2. political campaigns. i wouldn’t mind them so much if i felt that they were productive, but i don’t. i find them an incredible waste of money on propaganda. these candidates aren’t telling us how they will actually act in office, they are over-promising and pandering to the crowds. they are telling us what they think we want to hear. i know that i am over-simplifying this and that i am showing off my incredible cynicism, but still. look at the promises they make. there is one candidate who says on a commercial that as a rookie state representative, he will end the war in iraq, make health care affordable, and “undo all the mistakes make by the bush administration.” seriously? you actually think that you can do any of that, yet alone all of it? even if congress and the new president can do those things, for you to assert that you will be the driving force behind each of these agenda items is a joke. you don’t have the power to do that. those promises would be a bit of a stretch even for the presidential candidates, but you? a rookie state rep? get real. i don’t know much about this guy. reading his bio, he sounds like a great guy. he obviously is educated and has spent time doing many wonderful things, but he is kidding himself making these promises during this campaign.
  3. national sports shows/announcers, etc constantly talking about the cubs 100 years of futility/bad luck. every time the cubs play a nationally televised game, the announcers spend WAY too much time talking about the well documented championship drought of my beloved cubbies. okay. we get it. it’s been 100 years. call the game. why don’t you talk about rich hill not being able to throw strikes, the merit (or lack there of) of leaving soriano in the leadoff spot, or the fact that big z and demp are on pace to win a combined 44 games this year. the game of baseball is fun, exciting, detailed, and strategic. there is so much more to talk about that the non-story that is 100 years. when the cubs are in the world series and they are one game from closing it out, then we can talk about it more.
  4. dw saying “boogity, boogity, boogity! let’s go racin’ boys! enough said.
  5. the kentucky derby. this doesn’t bug me nearly to the extent as the previous four. i just don’t get the obsession of it. granted i don’t really like horses, nor do i “bet the ponies” so i am at an interest disadvantage. i consider myself a fan of most sports, but i just can’t get into it. it seems to me that if the sport were really that wonderful, there would be more than three races a year that the average american could name. everybody knows what the derby is. many know what the preakness and the belmont stakes are, but besides those, name a horse race. people only care about the later two only as long as the winner of the derby keeps winning. if the derby winner loses the preakness, then no one seems to really care about the belmont. again. it seems to me that if the sport itself was so great, then people would care about all three races just as much regardless of if there is a possibility of a triple crown winner or not.

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