kansas does it

April 8, 2008

so kansas won the national championship last night.  i’m not going to say i called it or anything…but i did.  in the espn bracket challenge, i finished roughly 150,000th.  that sounds ridiculously high, but considering there were like 3,000,000 entries, finishing in the 95th percentile isn’t too bad.

so it sounds like this was one of the best games in recent memory.  pat forde says that mario chalmers shot at the end of regulation was the best final four shot since keith smart’s shot in ’87.  chalmers’ shot was second to smart’s shot only because chalmers’ shot didn’t win the game for iu.  had he managed to make the shot and give the national championship to iu then he would have been #1 on my list for so many reasons.

i didn’t get to see the game.  i was were i normally am when something exciting happens:  at work.  i wasn’t all that upset about not seeing the game.  after all, my team isn’t in it.  i thought it would be a good game, but not a great game.  oops.  guess i was wrong.  oh well.

congrats to bill self and the kansas jayhawks.  you played a great game and entertained the nation.

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