what a weekend!

March 25, 2008

first things first.  my beloved hoosiers.  what can i say that hasn’t already been said.  i could give my detailed thoughts, but they would pretty much be plagiarizing this.  if you haven’t seen insidethehall.com, i highly recommend it.  these guys give great coverage of the hoosiers and the blog posts are very professional.  there is stimulating conversation on the games, the recruits, the coaches, and anything else that is newsworthy about the men’s basketball team.

ok.  so my hoosiers bowed out early like many thought/knew they would.  i was holding out hope, but didn’t really think they stood a chance.  however, even with their loss, it was a fun weekend to watch basketball.  though my brackets took a beating in tampa, and whose didn’t, my eyes enjoyed what they saw.  12’s and 13’s playing each other for the right to go to the sweet 16.  how can that not be fun?!  i have especially enjoyed watching western kentucky play because their star player, courtney lee, is from indy (oh mike davis, i would have loved to see courtney lee on this team).  i love to see local kids do well in the tourney, no matter who they play for.  this is the hoosiers state, the state the runs on corn and basketball.  i don’t like to see all of our talent, which doesn’t get enough credit anymore, go running to schools out of state.  however, it is nice to see them get their day in the sun.  maybe if w. kentucky gets to the elite 8, we’ll see one of those “touching” documentaries about his childhood during the pre-game or halftime show.

anyways, these are just a couple of my thoughts.  i have a wonderful time watching as much as i could.  this really should be a national holiday.  here’s to this coming weekend finishing just as exciting.

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