let’s go dancin’

March 20, 2008

this is it! here we go! the dance begins today! lots of exclamation marks!!!!

if this isn’t exciting, i don’t know what is. it’s like the birth of your child, your wedding day, and your college graduation all rolled into three weekends. the best part is it happens every year!!!!!!

pray for iu. they need all the prayers they can get. if you have nowhere to watch the game, my house, friday, 9:00. the more, the merrier. i have the big ten network. oh wait, it’s on cbs. okay, well, great. that means no shon morris or gene keady! just don’t tell ash i invited you. she’d kill me if she found out i invited the whole internet to our house.

here’s to my bracket being busted within the first four games!


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