i went on a date today

March 6, 2008

i have been on vacation this week. it has been great. other than picking up addison from the babysitters on monday and wednesday, i haven’t left the house since saturday. i was starting to get stir crazy, so today addison and i went on a date. we had a ton of fun going to the zoo! we have been out on errands before, but we’ve never really been on a little daddy/daughter date.

we had a great time. the zoo is incredible during the winter. i’m not really an introvert, but other than sporting events, i hate large crowds. the zoo would be alright if it wasn’t so crowded with screaming children all the time. however, we went and it was cold and there was nobody there. we had the place to ourselves. the walrus was so lonely that he came right up to us and made faces at addison. we got to pet sharks, watch the dolphins in the dome without anyone else in there. we saw fish, eels, sea horses, sea lions, polar bears, lizards, snakes, etc, etc, etc. you get the picture. they didn’t have the plains animals out, but oh well. we did see emus (addy calls them “elmos”) and the were cool.

when we finished at the zoo we went out to the washington st pedestrian bridge and took some pictures of the indy skyline behind us. it was especially neat because we took the pictures from the same spot that ash and i took pictures from when ash was pregnant with addison.  (see flickr for visual evidence of the date).  after we took some pictures with the skyline and the art work, we went to lunch and went home to take a nap.

thanks addison for taking me to the zoo and the lunch. i had a wonderful time. let’s do it again soon.

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