the “firecracker”

February 28, 2008

my brother-in-law called me to tell me he posted a video that i took a couple of years ago on the fourth of july. this is probably the funniest things i’ve ever recorded on video.

the setup: every year ash’s dad’s side of the family gets together at the farm for a big reunion. every year it’s been getting a little less exciting. the last couple of years, aaron and i have resorted to nearly criminal acts to keep ourselves entertained. we are often joined in our adventures by our cousin daniel. you can hear him talking to me in the background of the video. this particular fourth, neither aaron or i had a ton of money to spend on fireworks, so we kind of took it upon ourselves to create our own.

the best part: we were sitting in the bed of one of the trucks about 400 feet from the house. several people were sitting on the porch, including a couple of kids. when it exploded, someone asked skeptically, “was that a firecracker?” hence my sarcastic comment of, “yes, that was a firecracker.” oh, the explosion wasn’t near as loud on the video as it was in person, although we have found that if you play this through your stereo (with a good sub), you will get a better idea of how silent the farm was and how much louder the explosion sounded because of it.

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