quick hits

January 12, 2008
  • if you have a chance to play it, rock band for the xbox 360 is awesome. i thought i would hate it, but i don’t. it is so fun. or as strong bad would say on teen girl squad, [in crazy teen girl voices] “sooooooo fun.” check out our pictures in flickr for visual confirmation. my brother, scott, and his wife, megan, are totally rockin’ out! i
  • i am really liking mike huckabee. i haven’t officially endorsed him yet (as if that would actually persuade anyone to vote for him), but i am leaning in his direction. reasons:
    • he supports the fair tax plan. anyone who wants to do away with the irs is alright in my book. note: i actually do like the fair tax plan. to be fair, i haven’t studied it very closely, but what i have heard/read about it has left me with a VERY favorable impression.
    • he gives the state of arkansas a chance to balance out clinton.
    • he has absolutely embraced chuck norris. if chuck norris and god are for you, who can possibly be against you. note: if you haven’t seen the chuck norris book, the truth about chuck norris, you have to check it out. it is AMAZING!  go to barnes and noble, not the other b bookstore, not amazon. go to barnes and noble, have someone find the book for you, sit down with a coffee and read a few pages. if you think it’s funny, buy it. if not, leave it on the table and a bookseller will put it away for you. this book is worth the trip.
  • eric gordon is going to make lebron james look more like jonathan bender, not because he will have health problems, but Gordon will make james look like a pile of unrealized potential. gordon is so smooth, so under control, so…good. he has to work on his defense, especially transition defense, but at times he looks completely bored on offense. like shooting threes past the nba line is no harder than hitting free throws. look out nba. the next jordan will be arriving shortly.
  • i wish i had a ping pong table. i love ping pong, but i never get to play it. my birthday is coming up in feb. if you would like, you are more than welcome to buy me one. although, if i did have ping pong table, iwould have anyone to play with. ash doesn’t typically get in to that type of thing.
  • i’m reading the great upheaval by jay winik. i will admit it is taking me forever, but not because it’s not good, because i am learning so much about a time period that i know next to nothing about. also, because i don’t have a lot of time to read during the holidays. this book is great though. it’s incredible. simply put, i’m loving it! i’ll tell you all about when i’m done.
  • i think i might rename this entry, linktopia.

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