people are sick

January 11, 2008

my favorite part of having a blog on wordpress.com is that they give you stats on the activity of your blog. i’m a stats kind of guy and nothing makes me happier than have stats to consume. one especially interesting stat shows how people came accross your blog. if they arrived from a link from another person’s blogroll or possibly from a search engine. if, for example, they find your blog on a search engine, wordpress tells you what keywords the visitor entered to find your blog.

anyways, because i’m obsessed with stats, i check mine out all the time. something happened recently that has gotten my attention. i has put me in a situation that i’m not sure how to handle. a several weeks ago, i wrote a blog entry that dealt with my mother-in-law knocking me out of the first round of our fantasy football league. (don’t worry, i’ve dealt with my pain and have moved on in life). there wasn’t much to the entry. you can see it here if you haven’t read it yet. so i wrote this entry thinking that at least a couple of people would read it and enjoy laughing at my misery. also because she deserved to win and i thought she might enjoy seeing it posted in the www.

i’m giving you this background information because i found something on the stats page that has be a bit upset. i have had at least three different visits to this blog, specifically that entry, by people who found it on a search engine using the keywords “mother in law fantasy.”

let that sink in for a second…

“mother in law fantasy”

have you had time to think yet?

okay. my mother-in-law is a beautiful person. i couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law. she sticks up for me over ash, is always kind, giving, and forgiving. she is the complete opposite from the way mothers-in-law are portrayed in the movies. however, i can honestly say that i’ve never had a mother-in-law fantasy. i have had a mother-in-law participate in my fantasy FOOTBALL league, but never in my fantasies.

it bothers me that, even though is it a complete accident, that my blog would appear in a search engine’s results for such a search. i don’t want my blog to be found in that way. if i did, i would have categories a bit more vulgar than: books, college football, music, sports, and life.

so here is my problem. do i change the title and tags of that entry? that is, after all, how the blog was found. if i don’t want the blog found that way, i should make it so it can’t be found that way. or do i leave it as it is? should i leave saying, “i wrote the blog. it’s innocent. there’s nothing wrong with it. would should i change it just because someone else has a sick mind?”

what do you think? am i making a big deal out of nothing? am i just paranoid or is it someone else’s problem that they will need to deal with?

[edit january 11, 2008 11:32]: within 10 minutes of posting this entry, it was viewed by someone who searched for “motherinlaw fantasies.” AGHHHHHHH. see what i mean? i wonder if they read it, or if they saw that it didn’t have any pictures and immediately closed it.  people are sick!

One comment

  1. Oh, that IS gross. I was also appalled when checking my own stats a few weeks ago to find that the tag most visitors used to find my blog was “poop”. People actually search wordpress for “poop”. I’m still not over it.

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