robert randolph

December 25, 2007

so about two weeks ago i bought the dave matthews band – weekend on the rocks album.  it comes with two cds and a dvd.  i know it’s not new, but i don’t buy all of his live albums just because they are all quite similar.

a couple of days ago i finally put the dvd in when ash and addy weren’t home and cranked up the volume to an ungodly level.  when i got to the song “lousiana bayou” i noticed that they had a special guest.  i have never heard of robert randolph before, but i now think he is one of the coolest musicians ever.  oh yeah.  he’s also very talented.

just a couple of quick thoughts, then i’ll post a link to the video and you can see for yourself.  first, at the beginning, look at his face.  he plays a little bit (i don’t think little bit is a musical term.  probably should have used something like “stanza” or something) then looks up at dave, then gets this look on his face that says, “i can’t believe it.  i’m jamming on stage at red rocks with dave matthews!”  the smile on his face is priceless.  second, he is incredible when he’s jammin’ and dancing at the same time.

here it is.  enjoy!

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  1. […] day a decent amount in the past, and i fell in love with robert randolph’s abilities once (remember this?), so when i was offered the ticket i didn’t hesitate to say yes.  i knew i would have a good […]

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