i lost to my mother-in-law

December 18, 2007

with a title like this you’re probably thinking that i lost at scrabble, or monopoly, or uno, or bridge, or euchre, or some other kind of card game or board game.  you’re probably not thinking fantasy football.  but that’s exactly what i’m talking about.  i got knocked out of the first round of my league’s playoffs by my mother-in-law.  i’m probably not the first to have had this happen, maybe not even the first to blog about it, but it hurts nonetheless.

i beat her both times we met during the regular season and i’ve been giving her tips all year.  she is the first to admit that she doesn’t know much about football and knows next to nothing about the nfl, but she trash talked so much last year (when she didn’t have a team) that we pretty much made her do it this year.

i kept giving her advice against my better judgment.  last year she talked so much trash.  she said that she had a friend who knew how to play and that she beat all the men she worked with.  her friend had a system that made it easy and that she would be employing it.  but a couple of things happen during the off season.  first, her friend moved and wouldn’t be available to help quite as much.  second, she was in on more fantasy football conversations that were in depth enough for her to realize that she didn’t have a clue about what was going on.  so because i am such a great son, i gave her some tips and have tried to explain the game and some strategies to her.

see gets really angry when her team doesn’t perform as expected.  espn.com makes predictions every week.  their “experts” look at the matchups and publish their best guesses as to what individual players will score.  i don’t think i need to tell you that it is rare that their predictions are anything more than in the ballpark.  there is no way to accurately and consistently predict the scores.  as they say, “that’s why they play the game.”  she’s had a hard time understanding that you can’t follow their predictions.  and she has had a hard time understanding that most players aren’t going to score their average.  they will have a big game or a slow game, but very few players score the same amount of points week in and week out.  i’ve been telling her that what makes the game fun is that you never know just who is going to when.  that’s why i play.

so what did she do last weekend?  she finally got the point.  she, the number seven seed (in an eight team league) beat me, the number two seed.

i’m glad she beat me.  i didn’t want to lose to anyone else.  no one else would have appreciated the win quite like she did.

congrats janice!  you earned it!

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