i love thanksgiving

November 22, 2007

i love thanksgiving. why. here is a typical thanksgiving day.

ash wakes me up at 9. says, “brad can you help me with addison? remember, i did let you sleep in.” what happened to me that sleeping in equals waking up at 9am? anyways, i wake up at 9, curse the day because i had to wake up, then realize that it’s thanksgiving. one of only two days a year that the store is closed and i can guarantee that i won’t have to go to work and that i know i won’t get a call from the store! that right there makes my day.

at 11, we go to ash’s aunt’s house. her aunt always provides a beautiful, ornate, delicious meal with fancy place settings, great food, etc. i watch football (god bless football!) until thanksgiving dinner is ready (about 1pm). we sit and eat, and eat, and eat, then have dessert, then watch a little more football.

about 4, we leave ash’s aunt’s house to go to my parents house. at 1 we had the beautiful and ornate meal. at 6 we eat the laid back, fun meal. where ash’s family is polite, quiet, and uses manners, my family is a little more laid back and crazy. we’ve been known to throw food, eat so much it’s gross, and all the time leaving the tv on so we can watch the game(s). the food isn’t as fancy, and the place-settings aren’t as ornate, but the food is just as good and the company is great.

after dinner we hand & foot or video games (this year, i think we are going to play the burger king games on 360) while still watching football. whatever we are doing, there is an inappropriate amount of trash-talking, yelling, and overall obnoxiousness. i wouldn’t have it any other way! we finish the night with solid discussion and coffee before dispersing so that all us kids can go work our retail jobs.

for one day, i feel like a normal american. i have the same day off that everyone else has and i get to gather with friends and loved ones. what makes the day, though, is the fact that i am allowed to eat my weight in turkey and other foods without anyone yelling at me for being a glutton. what a day! that you lord for thanksgiving.

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