murder 1

November 1, 2007

so the jury only took four hours to deliberate and decide that my cousin was guilty of committing murder one. four hours. four hours. to those of you who don’t know, that’s not very long to decide a man’s fate. it only took four hours for a jury of twelve of his “peers” decide, unanimously, that he committed premeditated murder. now we wait another two weeks for sentencing to see if he will every be eligible for parole. if his state, murder one comes with a mandatory life sentence. the only question is whether, after years, he will have the chance to prove that he has changed and can make a contribution to society.

if he did the acts in the way that he was accused, he deserves what he got. but at the same time, it makes me sad that i may never see my cousin (who is actually fun, and normally good natured and kind) again unless i make a trip to a penitentiary in iowa.

what’s the lesson in all of this? drugs, alcohol, depression, and shotguns don’t mix.

for those who pray, please pray for him and his family. for those who don’t, meditate, think positive thoughts, whatever you do, and remember him.


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