maybe i’ll do better this time

October 29, 2007

ash used to hawk me about blogging. i started a blog, blogged a couple of times, then quit. she used to stay on me saying that i needed to post an entry frequently. she said that if I didn’t, i would loose my audience. i tried to convince her that i didn’t have an audience, therefore no one would mind.

well, i’m going to try again. apparently everyone ash knows at work (and everyone who is cool) blogs almost daily, so i guess i should try to do this again and be a little more regular about it.

for those who are new to this blog (which is everyone, since i don’t have any readers) i have a couple of quirks.

  • i hate capitalization. the shift button wears me out. so for you editors out there, yes, i know i’m not capitalizing and i don’t care.
  • i have no specific topic. i’ll type about whatever i feel like or about whatever i am thinking (or not thinking).
  • i’m sarcastic. really sarcastic.
  • i am an over-the-top narcissist. this is NOT (don’t worry, i used the CAPS LOCK not the shift button) (although i did have to use the shift button to put in the parenthesis [crap!]) related to the point directly above.
  • i sell books for a living and read quite a bit. i will be posting what i am reading and a what i think of it if i am far enough in to it to say. i welcome dialog about what i am reading or anything else book related. i typically read espionage, action/thrillers, presidential biographies, and u.s. history.


or not. i guess as long as i like it, then i’m happy.

what i’m reading:
the great upheaval by jay winik

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